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  • How do I know if I should order M24, M22 or M18 Kinetic Reactor variant?"
    The easiest way is to remove the existing aerator from the faucet. Then inspect the aerator: - if the thread is placed on the outer side then you need a M24 variant - if the thread is placed on the inner side then you need a M22 variant You can also measure the thread's diameter yourself using a boley gauge. M24 means 24 mm diameter and M22 means 22 mm diameter etc.
  • Can I install Kinetic Reactor on a faucet by myself?
    Kinetic Reactor is very easy to install. The procedure is the same as if you wanted to install or replace an ordinary aerator mesh.
  • How often should I replace Kinetic Reactor with a new one?
    We recommend a replacement after one year of usage due to cavitation disc wear off.
  • Is limescale still occuring if I use Kinetic Reactor?
    Limescale formation is reduced by at least 80%. Lime residues that still might appear are easily washable without usage of chemicals.
  • What it means that water quality is improved by the Kinetic treatment?
    There are several observable levels of improving water quality as a better taste, a better overall look and a better smell of the water due to: - gas reduction - most of the gasses dissolved in the water (of which some are toxic) are gassed out, - prevention of a rust-mud formation inside the aerator, - strong oxidation process which reduces organic and inorganic pollutants, - improved electromagnetical charge of the water, - reduction of bacetria number.
  • How does Kinetic Reactor save water?
    Kinetic Reactor has a built-in water flow regulator which limits the water flow to 4 liters per minute regardless the initial water pressure inside the water-supply pipe.
  • Does Kinetic Reactor have to be cleaned?
    Kinetic Reactor itself does not need any cleaning but the protective mesh that is installed in front of it is recommended to be cleaned once monthly due to small particless that come through the water supply. It just needs to be washed by a jet of water.
  • Is Kinetic Reactor only used on a kitchen faucet?
    No, Kinetic Reactor is a patented technology used by many applications: - home - it can be applied to every standard faucet and there is also a shower head aplication. The technology has many benefits also in personal hygiene (skin and haircare), plant watering and washing of multiple surfaces and cars due to limescale prevention. - industry - Kinetic technology is usable everywhere where there is a high water treatment requirement: food industry, auto industry, public institutions etc. - water treatment plants.
  • What it means that Kinetic Reactor on tap is not suitable for installing to a faucet with hot water supply from a low pressure heater?
    Low pressure heaters are small boilers, installed below or above a kitchen sink. Due to decreased water pressure it is advised against installing any kind of water flow regulators.
  • Can Kinetic Reactor be compared to activated carbon filters?
    No, activated carbon filters are absorption systems that detain pollutants and therefore need regular maintenance, otherwise they can become sources of pollution themselves. On the other hand, the Kinetic Reactor is a technology that uses a force called hydrodynamic cavitation that changes the aggregate state of water, allowing it to be purified by oxidation. At the kinetic chamber exit nozzle, the water is homogenized again. Kinetic Reactor retains the water's ionic structure and does not remove essential minerals.


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