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Due to constant changes of Earth's climate, increased resistance of microorganisms, extensive agriculture and industrial pollution, clean drinking water as a natural non substitutable good is becoming a scarce natural resource. Water distribution infrastructure operations are constantly met with increasing costs and some parts of the World are already facing supply limitations. Permanent exposure to contaminated drinking water also has significant health implications on the human population, animals and plant life.

Kinetic technology and its product Kinetic Reactor, are the result of six years of experimental research and development efforts based on more than twenty years of experiance working in a field of water treatment and supply. We have developed a unique patented water treatment technology based on the exploitation of the hydrodynamic cavitation, mechanical shear stress of jet streams and oxidation processes. Kinetic Reactor is a multi-functional water treatment device that uses an existing water stream for its efficient operation and does not require additional energy and chemicals. Due to its design, it is extremly applicable for different utilizations in terms of flow of water, pressure and purpose (general or specialised). Following this we have developed two segments of usage: Home Use and Professional Solutions.


Kinetic principle an innovative "game changing" technology incorporated in Kinetic Reactor products. The technology is based on the new water aeration principle and is patent protected with numerous patent claims.

In the heart of the Kinetic Reactor - the chamber, hydrodynamic cavitation, oxidation processes and mechanical forces are used for water treatment. This is the first major difference to existing water treatment technologies - Kinetic Reactor is not a filtering device. Kinetic Reactors are very capable devices for lime stone prevention, inorganic and organic compounds reduction, degradation and removal, microorganisms' disinfection and for general organoleptic water properties manipulation.

Kinetic water treatment echnology can be implemented at drinking water supply networks, waste water management plants, industrial and food processing plants as well as at our homes. It covers the entire urban and rural water cycle as well as domestic and professional Usege.


Kinetic Technology attributes:

Extreme scalability
Kinetic reactors can be (and they already are) implemented on faucets for end users and upstream to water sources and similarly for the waste water management, from single point of pollution to waste water treatment works.

Operating conditions
For proper operation, only water flow between 1 and 7 bar (14.5 psi do 100.5 psi) of pressure is needed.. No chemicals, no additional energy and no complex SW for operation. Kinetic Reactor on tap is not suitable for installing to a faucet with hot water supply from a low pressure boiler (5 L – 10 L).


Kinetic Reactors can be implemented generally and are not limited by a potential hard accessability, lack of space or the water supply system technolgical specifics.


We boldly claim that an investment in Kinetic water treatment technology is  less costly than an investment in existing technologies. On the top, the maintenance costs are also subtentially lower.

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