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UVINNECO is a product that consists of two water purification technologies. Environmentally friendly technology without chemical agents and absorbents. The first treatment process is water sterilization with UVC and UVA rays, which help to disinfect drinking water. The efficiency of action against all viruses, bacteria and parasites is 99.99%. Advanced technology with a micro-generator for the production of low-voltage electricity is installed, which is driven by the flow of water through the faucet itself. The device is equipped with high-quality microchips for UVC and UVA diodes. The second water treatment process is based on the principles of physical forces and the basis of hydrodynamics. The Kinetic Reactor technology with a vacuum chamber is built into the device, which helps to improve the efficiency of water disinfection, reduce scale build-up and improve the smell and taste of water.


  • All shimpents are sent by a tracked parcel. Usually shipments are arranged within 2 working days after receiving payment.


  • Kinetic Reactor on tap is not suitable for installing to a faucet with hot water supply from a low pressure heater (5L – 10L)

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