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The presented invention is a device for monitoring the hygiene of outlet grids on sanitary batteries. The device according to the invention enables a quick view of the outlet grid screen, or rather, it is very easy to monitor how many mechanical particles and debris have accumulated on the sanitary battery's outlet grid due to the flow of water. Debris and hard particles that form in pipelines, such as debris that accumulates on the internal walls of the pipes in the form of scale and biofilm of bacteria, are subsequently detached from the internal walls of the pipes with the flow of water and the particles stop at the discharge end points, such as the mesh on sanitary batteries.


According to our research, users of taps are very little aware that the very waste that stops on the grids of sanitary batteries is in most cases already formed before the formation of a biofilm of bacteria, which increases even more exponentially with the presence of room temperature, and as a result, due to poor hygiene, we unknowingly consume bacteria that can harm our health. We see the proposed solution in the future as a new standard for sanitary faucets (faucets), as regular hygiene control will be possible, which will encourage regular cleaning the outlet grids.


The innovation will thus make it possible to clean the outlet nets as soon as even the smallest part of dirt is present on the sieve, because no one will want to drink water through dirt and will therefore clean the net beforehand and then pour a glass of water. We also see an additional advantage in the fact that even people who have not cleaned the outlet mesh until now, because their relatives did this part, will take care of the hygiene of the outlet meshes on the taps themselves.


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